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Work Package 9 - Dissemination

The main goals of work package 9 are:
  • to ensure comprehensive, effective and clear communication and dissemination of the results and research outputs of the project;
  • to develop both printed (reports and peer reviewed publications) and electronic media (e.g. web pages) to disseminate the information and knowledge stemming from this project.
This WP is broken down into the following tasks:

Task 9.1 Identification of relevant results, publication outlets and potential authors (DEIAgra, EU, CERETETH, HAUC)

Task 9.2 Dissemination plan (DEIAgra, EU, CERETETH, HAUC)

Task 9.3 Project website (DEIAgra, EU, CERETETH, HAUC)

Task 9.4 Final workshop (DEIAgra, CERETETH, EU, HAUC)

Task 9.5 Conference presentations and manuscript submissions (DEIAgra, CERETETH, EU, HAUC)