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Work Package 8 - System Integration and System Validation

The main goals of work package 8 are:
  • to integrate the all the modules of ROBOFARM system in order to validate if the subsystems will be worked together efficiently and in cooperation and be realized the FutureFarm requirements;
  • to test the results of the project with respect to the future farm-types for the EU members and associated member states. Project results will be tested on the farm level in selected fields having practical farming conditions.
This WP will work in two steps: couple of subsystems integrations and full integration of the entire system. All modules of the systems will be involved; software packages (FMIS, middleware distributed system); Robotic vehicle; sensors to detect the weed patches, plant growth status and if available diseases, insects; wireless communication hardware to acquire data for the determined tasks by DSS and transmit data over the Internet. Beside this, data integration will be analyzed in terms of data flowing speed, reliability/recoverability.

Task 8.1 Integration (EU, DEIAgra, CERETETH)

Task 8.2 System tests (EU, DEIAgra, CERETETH)

Task 8.3 Validation (EU, DEIAgra, CERETETH)