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Work Package 7 - Economic Impact Evaluation Of The System

This WP will provide an assessment of the potential adoption of this system by farmers in the target countries. Persuading users to adopt new ICT tools is an important issue when proposing new information systems. The technology acceptance model (TAM) is a well-established theoretical model aimed at explaining the process of new technology adoption. It derives from the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Usage of ICT is based on cost estimation, perceived usefulness, ease of use, learning cost, and individual beliefs and attitudes. This WP is aimed at evaluating the system adoption intentions among farmers, using the constructs and theoretical approach of the technology acceptance model. WP objectives:
  • developing a case-specific TAM identifying perceptions and other potentially relevant constructs;
  • testing the relevance and direct/mediating role of the constructs;
  • identifying the adoption key factors and developing a appropriate communication/promotion strategy.
Task 7.1 Literature review (DEIAgra)

Task 7.2 Qualitative study for construct identification (DEIAgra, CERETETH, EU)

Task 7.3 Design of the theoretical model and definition of the testing/estimation procedures (DEIAgra, CERETETH, EU)

Task 7.4 Survey design, sampling and data collection (DEIAgra, CERETETH, EU)

Task 7.5 Data analysis and report writing (DEIAgra)