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Work Package 6 - Middleware Distributed Control System Implementation

Definition and implementation of the middleware between hardware and the farm management information system (FMIS), which will take a client–server approach. The middleware will be integrated with the augmented robotic platform, the “controllers” on the vehicle and the office software to control (SAFAR) and FMIS DSS and tested in selected fields.
Middleware distributed control system implementation. This WP integrates a software package and wireless data transmission hardware with the hardware on the augmented robotic platform to acquire data for DSS determined tasks and transmit data over the Internet in a format that follows current standards (e.g. ISO 11783, XML, AgroXML). When the FMIS information system with its scheduler/DSS or on user requests will need to acquire data from the field, a command will be sent to the middleware control system that communicates with the supervisory module (WP4) on the robotic platform. The middleware module will transfer the data gathered by the sensors to the main DSS. The middleware will enable conversion of requests from the DSS into predefined commands, such as periodic survey for growth stage and weed patches in a specific partial field.

Task 6.1 Analysis, design and implementation (CERETETH, DEIAgra, HAUC)

Task 6.2 Data Definition (CERETETH, EU, DEIAgra, HAUC)

Task 6.3 Integration (CERETETH, EU, HAUC)