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Work Package 4 - Monitoring Robotic Vehicle Tool Integration

The WP will enable automatic monitoring of geo-spatial field data relevant for the DSS in WP2. Existing algorithms will be used in this WP for monitoring activities: plant recognition, mapping of weed populations and crop growth status. New algorithms for monitoring diseases and insects will be analysed and implemented if applicable. The data communication will be updated in accordance with the middleware realized in WP6. The WP4 will also ensure that the monitoring robot can provide periodic and automated execution of the monitoring in row crops of agri- and horticulture, and avoiding crop damage and soil compaction. The goal is to select researched and commercialised individual tools, that have been field evaluated, and assemble them into the automatic monitoring system. The WP will take in account the representation in 3D physic simulation and spatial management of machinery that come from the SAFAR project results.

Task 4.1 Selection of sensors/algorithms (EU, CERETETH)

Task 4.2 Design and build of a robotic platform (EU, CERETETH, HAUC)

Task 4.3 Integration of sensors with the augmented robotic platform (EU, CERETETH, HAUC)

Task 4.4 Evaluation of robotic platform (EU, CERETETH, HAUC)