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Work Package 3 - Economic Evaluation Module

This WP will provide a tool aimed at including economic data into the system and analyzing economic results, allowing the system user to easily perform an economic evaluation of farm management activities in terms of cost and feasibility. The adopted cost accounting methods will translate the series of events in the production process into financial values with the aim to support decision and improve profitability.

Task 3.1 Identifying the economic data needed to implement the module using direct costing (DC) and activity-based costing (ABC) approaches (DEIAgra)

Task 3.2 Identifying appropriate data sources and cost drivers (DEIAgra, EU)

Task 3.3 Implementing procedures and cost calculation methods for both DC and ABC approaches (DEIAgra, CERETETH)

Task 3.4 Defining module outputs (DEIAgra)

Task 3.5 Testing the DC and ABC economic evaluation module results (DEIAgra)