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Work Package 1 - Project Management

This WP aims at implementing a sound and efficient management of the project from a scientific, administrative and financial point of view. Specific objectives include:
  • to ensure the scientific coordination of the project according to the defined planning;
  • to manage the financial aspects of the project (each partner will look after their own national finances);
  • to ensure an appropriate communication flow among the partners;
  • to secure the on time delivery of the reports, outputs and deliverables;
  • to monitor and guarantee the respect of the Consortium Agreement rules in order to manage the delivery of the project activities, finances and intellectual properties rights (IPR) to avoid disputes which might be detrimental to the completion of the project.

The organisational structure of the ROBOFARM project is designed to support the management of the project in terms of strategy, co-ordination and monitoring of the activities foreseen by the work programme. It will be defined in the ROBOFARM Consortium Agreement that will be conformed to the DESCA model. Here below the key roles of the organisational structure:

  • Project Consortium Coordinator (PCC): DEIAgra, as organisation acting as PCC, will be responsible for the management of the relations with the ICT-AGRI Call Secretariat, for the monitoring and control that activities are performed according to the work programme, for the monitoring and control of the project budget, collection of deliverables to be submitted. The PCC will appoint Prof.Maurizio Canavari as Project Coordinator (PC) and a Project Manager (PM) will be recruited by open competition.
  • Each Project Partner (PP) will nominate a project responsible (PR), who will represent the PP in the Steering Committee of the project and (if different from the PR) an operative contact point (CP) that will keep the day-by-day contacts with the other partners. Each PP will manage the contractual relationship directly with their national funding organisation.
  • Work Packages Leaders (WPLs): each WPL will be in charge of the technical co-ordination of the WP, in particular of securing the WP completion both in terms of results and respect of deadlines.

From an operative point, the ROBOFARM Consortium Agreement will pay particular care to the followings:

  • Decision making process: the agreement of all partners will be sought on the basis of proposals made by the PCC. If such consensus cannot be reached, a majority approach will be adopted. In case of a tie, the PC can break it with a double vote.
  • Communication among the partners and transnational co-operation: communication will be realised mainly through e-mail, Skype and telephone.
  • Project meetings: a kick off meeting will be organised during the first two months of the project, an interim meeting about after one year from the project beginning and a final meeting at the end of the project. PM will organize other meetings depending needs. When it is not needed to meet in person, meetings could be held using a VOIP (Voiceover-IP) or Videoconferencing system.
  • Monitoring and quality control: an accurate monitoring of the project schedule and foreseen outputs will be carried out, as well as the control of the quality of the foreseen deliverables.